Creative Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur Who is Creative?

As a creative entrepreneur, you always have to be on your toes and look for mistakes in your work- such as the misspelled word in the title of this blog. The problem is that the blog won’t let me correct the mistake!  Apparently you get one chance once you publish a post. Lesson learned. I will have more ‘attention to detail’ in my next posts for sure.  Here is the blog:

Most entrepreneurs are creative. No doubt about it. But those I have designated as creative entrepreneurs are those who by the very nature or their work will most likely remain single member businesses. Here are a few more qualities of creative entrepreneurs:

1. They do not aspire to growing their enterprises by hiring employees and building “span of control” or “chain of command” type organizations.

2. Creative entrepreneurs are those who create the work that their enterprises sell; the art, the music, the intellectual property, the dance and the design. They cannot hire others to do that part of the work for them.

3. Creatives CAN and SHOULD outsource their administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, marketing, research and financial management so that they can spend their own precious time creating the art or the work that they sell.

Are you a creative entrepreneur? Do you work with a client who is a creative entrepreneur? All business help is not created equal- creatives need special principles to help them reach success!