Creative Entrepreneurs Can Get Paid What They Are Worth

Recently, I was able to share an article with the group I Heart Art.  (I just LOVE the picture that they found to team up with this article….it is just perfect!!!)  It seems to be a pretty hot topic as I’ve been talking about it a lot lately and hope that you recognize what you need to be including in your fee.  Read this valuable article and  Get Paid What You Are Worth!

Creative Entrepreneurs have a tendency to forget all the prep time, planning, meeting, emailing, proposing, follow up, etc. that goes into a project.  Make sure that every hour you work has a specific dollar value….. (think attorney, you know you will be billed for those phone calls and emails!!)  Your business is just as important and it is up to you to determine the value and then make sure your fees are in alignment. 

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Jackie B. Peterson