Creative Entrepreneurs – Why should you care about the cost of goods sold?

Did you read the previous blog about the changes for online sellers?  If you do any online selling (think paypal), then you need to know the changes being made about YOUR business.  Read the blog here……

So, what do all these changes mean to you and your business?  You need to know what your cost of goods sold is.

Outright, a software company, recently asked me to share my expertise with their blog community on this subject.  In this quick blog I explain why you really need to know the cost of goods sold as well as your monthly fixed costs ….. (think *profit*…I know I always do and think write off’s).

Great info….  Check it out here….

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Outright dramatically streamlines the work involved with running a small business, by helping entrepreneurs pay the right taxes, organize their income and expenses, and keep their businesses on track. We help small businesses thrive in our connected world.

Read more about what inspired them to create this software at:

Outright software for solopreneurs