But What If I Need Money Now?

How do I balance the time I need to focus on my business and making money to survive?

I believe mission creep comes from two sources:  a fear that the work you want is not attainable and more importantly a fear that there will never be enough money if you follow your dream.  Mission creep can also happen because of a fear that if you don’t take the first thing that comes along, you will remain poor and without work forever! 

But what if I need money now?  That is the big question.  I often hear “How am I supposed to spend all this time working towards my future goals if I still have to support myself?”  My answer is:  You take the minimum time needed to make enough survival money and then you spend the rest of your time focusing on your goal.  Taking short term work is not necessarily mission creep as long as you keep your laser focus on your business goals. 

Recently I spoke with a creative entrepreneur that had returned to his previous transport job on a part time basis because it was easy, he knew the work and being part time allowed him the time he needed to focus on the goals he had for his computer programming business. 

I know that it can be extremely tempting to go for the easy money when money is tight but I encourage you to make your choices with a very careful eye on the future.  If you consistently take work outside of your direct mission or take a long term job in a completely different direction you may be giving up your entrepreneurial dream and turning it into a “beloved hobby.”

What ways have you made money while getting your creative business under way?  Share with us below.