Women’s self-care advocate Della Rae is now the prinicple of Oregon Women’s Health Network (OWHN).

Della Rae has been supporting women’s self-care for years. Rae has 10+ years as a women’s advocate plus a background in human resources and, as a culture guru. She recently became owner of Oregon Women’s Health Network.

OWHN has been around since 1994. Rae became principle in the business in September of 2018.

OWHN offers discussion groups and thought provoking courses on topics that range from mental health, self-advocacy and art therapy, to environment, nutrition and business.

Della has also been a part of KBOO Radio’s Bread and Roses Collective for five years.

Della is a woman of high energy and vision for women’s empowerment. Her plan is that OHWN will become a brick and mortar training and event center for women.

How did you get to know Jackie?  “I met Jackie B. Peterson at a round table luncheon.”

Advice/take away/lessons learned? “Jackie gave me the best advice that changed how I had been viewing and talking about my working relationships with my clients. It was a great insight and a total light bulb ON moment!”

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Picture of Della Rae

Della Rae, director/principle of Oregon Womens Health Network