Do You Get the End of the Month Cash Blues

Where does all my money go?

Over the years my clients have asked me the following questions:


 ·        Why should I care about Cash Flow?

·        I have my bank balance isn’t that enough?

·        My problem is not having enough work-how will this help?

·        My clients don’t pay on time, that’s MY cash flow problem?

·        I look at my profit and loss quarterly, what’s different about cash flow?

·        What’s a good way to keep track of all of this information?

·        I never have enough cash, how can a cash flow plan help?

·        I barter a lot, does that affect cash flow?

·        I never have enough cash to plan- it’s totally hand to mouth; how can this help?

·        I am so busy doing projects, how can I possibly make time to make a cash flow plan- and won’t it take away from my work?

·        What do I need to know to make a cash flow plan?

·        I just got a great big contract, isn’t that all I have to worry about that? I thought all I had to do was do the work and he make sure he pays me on time?

·        Why doesn’t the bank balance in my head, match the bank balance on my statement at the end of the month?

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Sept. 13th at Noon PST

 The call will be 60 minutes. The last 15 minutes you can log into Facebook and ask questions on the Better, Smarter, Richer page and I’ll answer them.  I do this because if you have the question, I guarantee there are more that have that exact question or need to hear that question and the answers will help everyone. 

If you would like your questions to be anonymous you can email your questions ahead of time to Sheri Joi at and I’ll address them on the call.

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