“Where Does All My Money Go?” -Solopreneur

Cash Flow?  What cash flow?

Cash flow? What cash flow?

 Do you have a Cash Flow Plan?

I believe that a solopreneurs business operates on a continuous flow of energy.  There are many types of energy including the creative process and the relationship you have around your work.  For many solopreneur’s these are the comfortable aspects of their work but, there is another flow of energy that goes throughout your work that is often ignored or misunderstood.  In fact only around 5% of my clients know how to deal with this energy and turn it into success.  What might this be?

It’s Cash Flow!  Cash flow describes the money that comes in and goes out of your business.  It is not a static document, such as a financial report or profit/loss statement. Instead, it represents where you are currently and where you want to be well into the future.  Considering that so few solopreneurs have a cash flow plan it’s my goal to teach you how to create one so that you can reach all of your financial goals and so that you can open your business cash flow energy and reach all of your financial goals.  


Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about how you can immediately:

1) Learn exactly how to make a profit on every service or product you offer

2) Learn how to put together a positive and profitable cash flow plan

And you will never again say,

3)  “Where does all my money go?” 

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