Do You Need an Accountability Partner?

 “What in the world is that?” You may ask.  Well, many of us, me included, do better when someone is holding us accountable to do those things that need to be done, to get ahead.  Usually, if we don’t get things done it’s not about knowing what the next step is or even about having time to do it.  I find it is rather an issue of having the self-discipline to focus our time and attention to those pesky or challenging tasks we know we need to do and actually getting them done.  Do you want to know the secret to doing this?  First, let’s uncover what may be the reason behind it and some sure fire signs that you are putting something off…….


My resistance is often about starting the tasks I am avoiding.  Why is that?

  •  Sometimes my brain just wants to rest.  The task I need to do is going to require some thinking and I am just not ready for the challenge- I want to float along for awhile- I am tired of being “on.”
  • Sometimes I do not feel confident about my ability to do what needs to be done.  I can learn or ask for help, but it would be easier to drop into avoidance – hide my head in the sand and pretend an approaching deadline is never going to happen. 
  • Sometimes I just don’t like doing what needs to be done- so I put it off. 

    If I choose mopping instead of marketing…. I know I need to check in with my accountability partner.

Distraction sneaks in….

I may even choose to spend my time doing things that are real low level busy work rather than dig in and start what I really need to do.  I know myself well enough to know that if I happily choose to mop the floor or clean the bathroom, I am probably in avoidance about starting some challenging task that needs to get done to forward my Better Smarter Richer business.  This type of avoidance is so common that a client of mine even has a name for it; he calls it “selective procrastination.”


Solution to Distraction!!!

What to do? One of the best solutions I have found is to have an “accountability partner.”  This is someone who will hold you accountable to doing the things you need to do to get ahead.  Often I fill that role for my Better, Smarter, Richer clients.  When they are in a study group, they check in once a week and we talk about what they have done in the week since we last met.  If they have completed the study group, they often show up at our “booster shot” special events open to all BSR alums. During a “booster shot” each person gets a chance to talk to everyone else and report challenges and accomplishments and often to get a “nudge” to move forward and do what needs to be done. 

Who Makes A Good Accountability Partner?

Choose a partner that wants so see you succeed!

Often an accountability partner can be a friend or colleague who will call you once a week or so and ask you how you are doing on completing a list of tasks you told them you need to complete.  Accountability partners can serve that role of “friendly nag” for each other and everyone benefits. 

Enlist someone that is interested in seeing you succeed!

So, if you find yourself doing lots of avoidance or “selective procrastination” and you’re just not getting things done, consider finding an accountability partner who will help you stay moving towards your goals.  This role can be priceless for you and the results fantastic. 


Do you have an accountability partner?  What are the things you work on together…. we’d love to hear about how you work together to get things done and stay on task.  Share below….