Focus, focus, focus

I had to practice some “tough love” with a client yesterday. She is re-starting her graphic design business and was about to send out a letter to her large data base of prior happy clients- but it was just a general letter, ‘Hi, I am back in business, send me some work.” I said NO! This is a very talented, skilled, artistic and imaginative woman. It is time for her to build her business by asking for exactly what she wants! How much better it will be when she sends out her letter and it says: ” Hi, I am back in business and I am seeking these types of clients and I offer exactly these services.” Never, never, short change yourself and your future by being willing to take anything that comes your way- focus on what you want: jobs at which you excel for clients who will appreciate you and pay you top dollar. Focus and ask for exactly what you want and surprise! that is what you will get.