How can I use Facebook to promote my business?


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I’m going to be teaching a class on social media soon so I guess I better make sure my social media skills are hot and savvy.  I asked my business manager, Sheri Joi (a huge Facebook fan) to give us some tips for Facebook etiquette, here are her suggestions.



*FACEBOOK HOT TIP*……Have a personal page AND a business page.

…… here are tips for your personal page.

1- Facebook is social, it’s your friends so don’t try to sell to them instead…..

2- Tell them what’s going on with you but in a way that promote’s your business…..

        For example……. status update for a photographer “Just got back from a great photo shoot, I love to take engagement pictures, the couples are always so happy in love and I find amazing pleasure in capturing that love in my pictures.  Wow!  I love my work.”

3- Stay positive about your life in your status, you will attract more positive to you and isn’t that good business?

……here are tips for your business page.

1- Facebook is about relationships so you want your page to express who you are and why people would want to develop a relationship with you.  Provide them with value on your business page, don’t try to sell to them instead……

2- Share articles that align with your philosophy or that you have written (make sure your blog is linked to your Facebook account).

3- Stay consistent with postive updates.  People love quotes they can “share” on their page, pictures that are inspiring that they can use as their profile pic and you tube video’s they can repost, so make sure you are giving them great content with your brand, this also let’s people know what you are all about so they can start to trust you.

4- Provide value…. give tips and tricks about your expertise and let everyone know about upcoming events.

Always remember this is SOCIAL MEDIA so you will want to be social.  Comment on things and share what is relevant to your business.  People WANT to do business with people they can relate to so be human and create a good relationship by being REAL.

We’d love to hear about how you use Social Media specifically in your business and some success stories.  Let us know below or on our Facebook page 🙂 

PS….that was another great tip, always ask for feedback….. so???  Give us yours???