Road Trip for Better, Smarter, Richer

Better, Smarter, Richer hit the road this month. 

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City can be Better, Smarter and Richer

Jackie B. Peterson is taking a trip across the country and on the way she made some time to talk to the Solopreneur’s in Salt Lake City, UT.  Early Saturday morning, Better, Smarter, Richer took the Salt Lake Valley by storm, well just after their BIG snow storm of winter 2011-2012 anyway. Jackie introduced solopreneur’s to the seven essential business principles of those determined solopreneur’s that have been wanting to take their business’ to the next level but are unsure of the next step.  The Salt Lake area has many passionate entrepreneurs that want to make more money doing the work that they are passionate about and Jackie gave this audience the exact road map to doing this.  The creative entrepreneur’s in the audience were thrilled with the valuable information given to them about turning their hobby into their livelihood and a very good livelihood determined by their dedication to doing the work required in putting the essential principles in place. 

Jackie even took some time afterward to circle up with a few solopreneur’s and brainstormed how they could make more money, charge what they were worth and be confident in being in business for themselves.  The group brought their challenges to the circle and it was very powerful to see the collaboration between Jackie and the others in the group, work together to provide possible solutions and opportunities within the challenges that were being faced.  This is the power of being in business for yourself but never by yourself.  Everyone had fantastic take-away’s and in true Jackie B. Peterson style, a challenge to take a brave next step.

Better, Smarter, Richer provides the next step no matter where you are in your business.  Do you have a flourishing group of solopreneur’s that would benefit from learning the essential business tools to create the wealth you want?  Tell us about your group, we want to hear about you!!   Make comments below and share us on your social network…. Together we can all be BETTER, SMARTER & RICHER!