How To Ask for Referrals


Referrals are the heart of your business.

How to get a referral. 

When you have a happy and satisfying relationship with a client, thank them.  You can say to them:  “I have loved working with you.  Can you help me find more clients just like you?”  This both compliments the client and lets them know you are looking to grow your business and you would appreciate referrals.  Most people are happy to help you if you let them know they can make a difference for you.

 What do people say about you?

Another technique I recommend is this:  When you have received a referral from a client, call the person who referred you and say:  “Thank you so much for the referral.  Referrals are the heart of my business.  Can you tell me what you said about me?  Obviously what you said was very effective and I would like to use the same words in my own approaches to clients.”   Words matter.  Often we present ourselves as we think others see us.  What is usually more accurate is they see other attributes that appeal to them and how you are filling their needs.  If a referral source will tell us what they said, we can learn how others see us and think about us and we can shape our own approach to clients to fit that image of ourselves.  Remember it is not about what WE think; it is about how THEY perceive us.

What kind of referrals do you want?

As you begin working your potential referral base, another thing you can do to help people help you is get very clear about who is your exact, best, target client.  What and who are you looking for?  What size client? What age? What demographic?  Why psychographic? What interests? Etc.

My new client has a customer base that has been going away.  He recently received a referral from an old client and the new client turns out to be perfect for his skills and knowledge.  I suggested that he make a client profile for the new client and begin pursuing others who share the characteristics of that new client.  When he thanks his referral for the new client, he can say, “The referral you sent me was perfect.  I am looking for more clients with these same characteristics….(list them) and your help in finding them would be much appreciated.”

Appreciation is powerful.

Always thank your referral sources.  They are not just gold, they are platinum!  Cherish them, pay attention to them.  Meet with them regularly.  Why?  Because people are so busy, it is hard for them to keep us in front of their minds.  We can help them think about us by being grateful and present.

It is a noisy world we live in.  Take steps to help others help you be successful and you will thrive.   Referral business is the best source for new clients.  Make sure you are asking for referrals and you understand how your clients are referring you.  Be specific about the clients you would like to have referred to you and always be thankful for those generous gifts, referrals.

Do you have ideas on how to get a referral??  We’d love to hear about your ideas….. please share with us……