Jackie guides Artist Susan Curington to success

Susan Curington said she lost everything in 2008.  However, for the first time she had time to paint.  Read how she worked with Jackie to strengthen and deepen her career in art.

Name of Business: Susan Curington Art, “Views of the Natural World”

Susan Curington Artist

Number of years in business: 10

What the business does: Susan’s paintings are of nature, including beautiful paintings she calls “from the bee’s perspective.”  She focuses on nature conservation.

How did you start out?  “In 2008 I lost everything.  However, for the first time, I had time to do art.  My soul told me to!”

She met Jackie at the Glen Walter Center in Hillsboro, at a free presentation.  “I was so impressed with Jackie’s kindness, and no B.S.!  We were able to focus on my niche and go deep.  I felt I had been tossed a lifeline. I bought her book (Better, Smarter, Richer) and did the worksheets.”

What is working now?

  • Teaching, “Which I love!”
  • Renting paintings to law firms
  • Art sold to hospitals
  • An exhibit, which is now traveling.  Currently in Hood River.  Paintings are nature and flowers from the bee’s perspective.

“As the Bee Sees:  From the Pollinator’s Perspective.”  She paints fruit and vegetables.  She turned the paintings into a traveling exhibit, which has been in Beaverton, Corvallis, and Hillsboro.  At each location, she hosts a reception where she gives a talk, then an environmental expert gives a talk. About her conservation work, Susan says:  “It’s bigger than me!”

Check out “As the Bee Sees: From the Pollinator’s Perspective” at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon,  from September 27 to December 13.

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