Testimony: Kevin Poe, New Heights Physical Therapy, credits Better, Smarter, Richer for success

Read this nice testimony from Kevin Poe: Better, Smarter, Richer helped him grow his business, New Heights Physical Therapy.

Hi Jackie,

I wanted to reach out and let you know how things are going at New Heights Physical Therapy and to thank you for playing a role in helping us get here.

Man and woman sitting in a physical therapy clinic

Kevin and Donna, New Heights Physical Therapy

We are now in our 22nd year and are going strong!  Two years ago I brought on a COO to help us get our operations and expenses back in control.  The company had gotten too big for me to handle and frankly had grown beyond my abilities.  We have 2 locations but moved in 2015 from our Hawthorne clinic to a building at 58th and NE Glisan and now operate in 7000 sq’ verses the less than 3000 sq’ at the old location.

We have over 30 employees which is crazy! I think we had 12 when I took your classes. Besides learning nuts and bolts things from you I took away a strong sense of being comfortable in asking for help when I don’t know something or am just overwhelmed and this has been a major part of our success. We are currently working with consultants to help us with the next stages of our business, like when I worked with you all those years ago. I am finding it invaluable.  I wanted to reach out and say thank you for helping us in those early stages.

That is my snap shot.  Your work does make a difference and I am glad to see that you are still helping others build their dreams.

Best wishes,

Kevin Poe


New Heights Physical Therapy

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