Solo Business Stories: Healer, licensed massage therapist, educator, advocate, author Jacki Gethner talks about being self-employed early on

A certain independent mindset is needed for the self-employed.  Healer, licensed massage therapist, educator, advocate, author of two books Jacki Gethner had that early on.

We got to know Jacki at a recent Solo Business Meetup.

What her business does:

Healer, educator, advocate, author of two books. She has presented locally, nationally and internationally.  Jacki founded the non-profit Women of a Certain Age (WOACA) 10 years ago. WOACA’s vision is a community in which all older women have the knowledge, skill and self-confidence to develop and sustain healthy relationships.

How did you start out as an entrepreneur?

“I’ve been self-employed my whole life.  I started out working in a Colorado hospital in the adult and adolescent psych units in my early 20s.  The staff told me if I wanted to continue working there I would have to go to college.  I didn’t want to do that; I was a single parent back in 1984, I felt my 1st responsibility was to being the best mom I could be.
Photo of woman smiling. Jacki Gethner

Healer, educator, advocate Jacki Gethner, founder, Women of a Certain Age. Jacki Gethner is an example of a successful solo business.

I wanted to go into massage therapy.  I asked friends and family for money for massage school.  As a result, in 10 days I had raised $6000.”

What’s working now?

Jacki collaborates with governments and faith-based groups.

“Using my years of experience in different ways. For example, I developed skills working in the HIV/AIDS community in the 80’s.  After that, I used those skills to address families with children in hospitals.”

She educates people on wise decision-making and intimacy.  In addition, she helps vulnerable populations with self-care.

Lessons Learned:

“Live your life.  Take risks that are well researched. Mistakes are part of the journey. Some of the best opportunities come from volunteering.”

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