Solo Business Stories: Lauren Downey’s Found Marketing specializes with Jackie’s coaching.

Found Marketing specializes with Jackie B.’s help

Years in business:

3.5 years (but officially registered for 6 months)

Photo of smiling woman, with trees in outdoor setting; Lauren of Found Marketing

Lauren Downey, owner, Found Marketing specializes with Jackie’s help.

What the business does:
I help businesses get found online and grow by creating and executing digital marketing strategies. These include pay-per-click, SEO, and content strategies. Pay-per-click marketing refers to paid advertising on platforms like Google, Bing or youtube. SEO is search engine optimization and focuses on getting webpages to rank higher in Google or Bing’s organic search results. Content strategies focus on creating relevant content for users at every stage of the buying cycle (awareness, consideration, transaction) to acquire new customers.
What was the inspiration for this business?
I love entrepreneurship, working with businesses, and figuring out problems.  I knew I always wanted to work for myself and it was the right time to do it. 
What were you doing prior to starting this?
I worked at a digital marketing agency before pursuing full time digital marketing consulting.
What are your successes? What is working now?
Since starting my freelance business, I’ve won three new clients, gotten involved with professional marketing clubs. I really enjoy owning my own business because I am doing and learning so much more. I’m meeting interesting people and getting opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise.
What class did you take from Jackie?

I took the Solopreneur 10 week course. 

Advice/Take Away/Lessons Learned:
One of the best things that I learned is that the more focused and niche your business is, the higher valued you are.

What was it like working with Jackie?

I am so grateful that Jackie was my instructor. She always has fabulous ideas, a plan, and offers great

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support. Jackie helped me figure out how to find clients, how to structure my pricing and build a process for my business growth.

Visit Lauren’s Website:

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