Solo Business Stories: Seniors listen to John Van Beek’s Music We Remember. Jackie’s coaching helps

John Van Beek’s live music performance resulted in Music We Remember.

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Guitarist John Van Beek’s Music We Remember.

Jackie B. confirms he is on the right track.

Name of Business: Music We Remember
Years in Business: 1.5yrs (with this name)
What the business does: John Van Beek’s Music We Remember is a live music performance service, focused primarily on senior living communities in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.
How did you start this business?
Prior to launching Music We Remember, I was serving a retirement community (assisted living, residential care, and memory care) in N. Portland as a maintenance man. On the side, I was performing music for in-house parties and events, and also doing weddings and events around town.  Many of the residents there participate in the Providence Elderplace program, and regularly go to a day center run jointly with Volunteers of America.
Over the years, the bus driver in charge of transporting clients to and from the center would hear me performing in the dining room, and one day asked if I ever played any other senior community gigs. As a result, I wound up performing two times a month for the Marie Smith Center on N Albina, and then being requested to play at the Elderplace sites in Cully, Laurelhurst, and Irvington where I continue to provide monthly entertainment.
As demand grew, and I found myself asking for time off of work here and there, I started to wonder if I should simply book all these events on one day, and take that day off work. Things continued to grow, and and I finally gave my 9 month notice. I will continue to work one day a week at my “day job” until the end of 2019, when I will complete 20 years of service there, and graduate to being full time musician.
What are your successes?
I have been able to book a nearly-full schedule of monthly subscribers, which is great for stability.
Still working on following up promptly with potential clients who show some interest, but need a nudge or two.
What class did you take from Jackie?
Jackie was one of the instructors at the SBDC’s Soloprenuer class, Spring of 2019. I have also taken a consultation with Jackie, but for the most part, she confirms that I’m on the right track and encourages me to do what I’m already doing.
What did you learn from her that is working now?
The book, Better, Smarter, Richer contains a number of goal setting sheets with deadlines included. This is helpful to stay on track and measure ‘success.’
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