Encore Entrepreneurs: Ruth Struck’s Open Strategies Northwest agile coaching is her strength

Ruth Struck’s Open Strategies Northwest agile coaching gains inspiration from Jackie.

Name of Business: Open Strategies Northwest LLC

What the Business does: Agile coaching and consulting.

Years in Business: I originally got the business license in 2012. I worked towards making it a stand alone business in 2019.

Photo of woman in flower field Ruth Struck

Agile Coach Ruth Struck

What led you to do this business?  What were you doing before? I have been a contract or permanent employee doing agile coaching for the past 12 years. I wanted to establish myself as a separate entity rather than a full-time employee of a company.

What is working now? I have been networking but haven’t got any business yet.

What class did you take from Jackie?  Encore/Solo business builders.

What did you learn from Jackie?  Working with Jackie was inspiring. As a result, she gave me the confidence to continue moving forward, always giving me positive support about the value I can provide clients. Her advice on wording communications, reaching out, and follow up were great.

Blue Green Logo Ruth Struck's Open Strategies NW

Open Strategies Northwest Logo

Take Away/Lessons Learned/Advice: Charge enough.  In other words, cheap does not generate business or give the impression of quality.

 Visit Ruth Struck’s Open Strategies Northwest website: https://openstrategiesnw.com/


Want self-employment coaching from Jackie?  Take her eCourse Best Beginnings.  Keep watching the Events Page for upcoming classes, presentations, and information sessions to learn more.