Keep Your Business Afloat For Free by guest blogger Jake French

Jake French

The dream of creating value for clients based on your unique talents and expertise is at risk of failing if you don’t prepare yourself. Arguably the single most valuable tool for a solopreneur to possess is a highly focused “can do” mentality. Lucky for you there is a special on attitudes this week at, where you can rent ear to ear smiles for just $4.87 a month, and if you call in the next 11 minutes you will get a free set of Ginsu kitchen knives! All joking aside, even though this sounds ridiculous, how often do we discount the value of something because it doesn’t cost money?

Let me explain why you need to work on this skill, then I will tell you how to do it. It is a blessing and a curse to work solo. Every self-employed person goes through periods of doubt, questioning their worth or credibility. When allowed to mentally manifest this negative spiral brings productivity to a screeching halt, and could even cause us to throw in the towel on our independent careers. Since there is no one else responsible for providing motivation, or income that will flow in even if you are not getting work done, creating a mentality that reaffirms confidence is critical for maintaining momentum. Like happiness, this state of mind doesn’t just randomly happen, you have to make it happen.

Here is where the rubber meets the road with two strategies to strengthen your mental muscles that have really helped me stay positive after a life and career altering spinal cord injury. Number one is to stare, but don’t compare. It’s a terrific idea to have professionals in your field who you look up to, but don’t make the mistake of comparing apparent success. There are simply too many variables and nothing to gain by beating yourself up for not being as far down the path as somebody else. Instead remind yourself of the biggest accomplishments achieved each month. Do something fun on a scheduled basis like going to dinner with friends and set a purposed goal of celebrating each other’s victories. Or you could pick the biggest accomplishment of the week and put it on a sticky note next to your desk as a reminder that progress is happening.

The second strategy is to become conscious of your initial reaction to suggestions, challenges, and problems. Low self-worth, feelings of inadequacy, or put downs from others all condition us to say no before giving something a chance. Always tell yourself yes before being proved wrong, then readjust and try again. Committing to a “can do” mentality has opened so many doors that I had no idea even existed, sometimes by people who I didn’t know yet but were still willing to help. Do yourself a huge favor and listen to your first responses, then if necessary start to change them to an opportunity creating “yes”. Your career as a solopreneur will come with plenty of challenges. It’s not fair to anybody if your expertise is not shared because you are stuck in the pity pit, or have to give up the job. Beefing up those mental muscles is one of the only free business boosters out there. The attitude you choose could be the deciding factor in the success and longevity of your business, so start working on it today!

jake french

Jake French is the author of Life Happens. Live It! and is a sought-after inspirational speaker.



Twitter: @Jake_inspires

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