NACCE Conference: October 11, 2010

The National Association fo Community College Entrepreneurship Conference

October 11, 2010  11:30: 12:30 PM

Jackie will appear at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship on October 10-13.  Her presentation,  Better, Smarter, Richer:  Business  Principles for Creative Entrepreneurs specifically relates to clients who use their hands and minds to create their work and do what they love with the goal of artistic, personal and financial success.  

The following is a description of Jackie’s class:   The number of creative entrepreneurs is rapidly growing. These entrepreneurs are the artisans and craftsmen who want to make a living doing the work they love such as art, pottery, writing, graphic design, fashion etc.  They do not want to build a business. Most business advice is designed to help entrepreneurs build enterprises and most business advice does not work for these creatives.  This session will present the seven business principles that creatives must follow in order to find financial security and success while being self employed- there is no reason for creatives to languish as starving artists. It will also show creatives how to create the business model which we call Being the business as opposed to Building the business.   

Participants will learn:

  1. How to identify a creative entrepreneur
  2. The business model called Being the Business (the “waterbug”) that works for creatives.
  3. Seven principles creatives must follow to succeed financially.

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Hope to see you there!