A Tip from Jackie: Market Every Day

Marketing all the time is the bane of solopreneurs. But think about it. What you are trying to do is be a strong voice in a very noisy and crowded market. And that takes constant effort. One of the reasons I want you to work at marketing all the time, is that mostly we do not enjoy marketing: It takes time away from our main work and often it seems like you are dropping stones in a bottomless pit. Lots of effort, no response. Just remember it will take time. Because marketing is relentless and often seems futile, it is important to remember that your marketing effort is cumulative. You are building your name and reputation one small layer at a time. Eventually it will be built strongly enough, with enough layers, that you will begin to get some return. So, keep at it. Be diligent. Do something every day. Here are a few ideas: write a blog post, call referral sources or old clients just to check in, attend a networking event, update your web site, and look for places you can speak or submit an article. Take marketing action every day.