A Tip from Jackie: Plan Your Cash Flow

“Plan your cash flow.” What do I mean by that? Planning your cash flow means that you have a budget for your personal life and personal expenses, and you have a budget for your business and business expenses. You know how much money you must bring in every month. And you make plans to have enough work coming in–and payments coming in–to cover your monthly needs. In cash planning you can ask for a deposit on any job. You can invoice throughout the job. You can even offer a small cash discount to get paid on time. Use Square or any other credit card company so that you can accept credit card payments for your goods and services. Square has revolutionized the credit card business and stabilized the merchant fees for all credit card charges. You can add a fee to your invoice to cover the merchant fees on your sales where you take credit cards. Learn how long it takes for you to turn out the work product you sell so that you have work sold, ready to sell, just starting, in process and coming in next month. That requires you to do constant marketing in order for you to fill the pipeline and keep a flow of business coming in.