Turning the Page on Aging in America by guest blogger Michele Fiasca

A note from Jackie: We’re seeing it in the fields of housing, lifestyle, and, of course, business and entrepreneurship: what it means to grow older in this country is radically changing. I love exploring the intersections between my own work and the work that other people are doing as the world of retirement undergoes one transformation after another. This article by Michele Fiasca provides a glimpse into one of these transformations.

Having been in the senior industry for the past 17 years helping adult children find appropriate care settings for their aging parents, I see big changes in the air. More often than not, the family member I work with is getting their first look at what the options are for retirement living through end of life care and believe me, it is an eye opening experience for them.

With 10,000 Boomers turning 65 every day for the next 16 years, our country needs more creative options in aging. This generation has been trailblazing from the get go, always challenging the status quo. I am a Boomer myself and know we want choice, solutions derived by thinking outside the box. We have always defined life on our own terms and retirement will be no exception.

There are all kinds of new ideas swirling around out there and they all have a common theme. The theme seems to focus on creating communities of interdependence so we can remain at home rather than move to assisted living. Whether we are talking about Shared housing, Co housing, The Village concept, Cooperatives of all kinds, Intergenerational communities and many more, the common thread is that we band together, watch out for one another and age affordably.

My company, Let’s Share Housing, is a matching service for homeowners and home seekers looking to find like-minded individuals to share their lives with. The result is an affordable solution that allows folks to thrive at a fraction of the cost of the standard retirement and assisted living options. Let’s Share Housing is proud to be contributing to shaping the future of aging in our society.

Michele Fiasca

Michele Fiasca is the owner and founder of Let’s Share Housing.