A Tip from Jackie: Talk to Yourself!

You need to be able to explain your value to your worst critic–YOU. This is especially important when you’re raising your prices. I know that most solos are nervous about quoting a price and asking for money. We do not negotiate prices in this country like they do at the markets in many nations. We are not prepared to talk about money. So, start high. You can always give a discount if necessary. When someone questions your price, talk about value. Do not immediately assume that a question is a criticism and begin giving discounts or price reductions before you are even asked. Always be prepared to talk about your unique value proposition. Always be prepared to speak about what the customer gets when they buy from you. This takes practice and determination. My advice: practice in the bathroom talking to the person in the mirror…your worst critic. When you can easily quote your price to that face, you can talk to anyone!