A Tip from Jackie: The Importance of Passion–Finding Your Sweet Spot

Why does passion matter? When you have worked for a long time in some work that is simply a job, you lose something. You lose your zest for experimentation. You lose your willingness to stick to it to see the last detail tied up. You lose your interest in experimenting or learning new techniques or trying new things. You begin to think that “good enough” is ok. In today’s competitive world, good enough will not take you where you want to go. So maybe you give up your dream and begin to dream of your time off, your hobbies, or your weekends—and not your work. This is when you “settle for” what is rather than what could have been. This is a sad but common story. And it’s why I want you to choose to create your business in the “sweet spot’ that is made up of equal parts passion, talent (skill), and the opportunity to create a flow of money. When you are in your “sweet spot” your passion keeps you going when things get hard; your passion keeps you excited even when you have to put in time in the evening or on the weekend to make your dream come true. Your passion is what drives you to be always improving and ever better. And it shows in your work and your customers recognize it.