Update on Everyone’s Favorite Creative Entrepreneur

If you have heard me speak and seen one of my presentations for Better, Smarter, Richer or read the book, then you have heard about my client Amy McAuley, she is the window conservationist expert and is a beautiful example of the seven business principles in the Better, Smarter, Richer workbook.  She becomes every creative entrepreneur’s hero when they hear her story.

Sheri Joi recently did a phone interview with Amy….click here to listen to the updates going on with Amy and what she has learned in her journey to the top.   This is a short interview (about 15 minutes) that will inspire you on your creative journey.

She has a piece of advice that EVERY creative entrepreneur needs to hear.  

Visit Amy’s blog to keep up on the exciting new projects she is working on. http://oculuswindow.blogspot.com/