BSR Broadcasts | Monetizing Your Expertise, Avoiding Financial Crises, and Taking Yourself a Little Less Seriously with Next Avenue’s Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg

“Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously, since life will surprise you.”

I love that; I’ve staked my career on helping people take their work seriously and that’s a serious business. As an encore, solo, or creative entrepreneur, it can be hard to keep your work life—which may also be your passion—from bleeding into your LIFE life. It’s good to remind ourselves to take a step back and remember that life changes constantly; it’s truly full of surprises.

I particularly love that this advice is coming from Richard Eisenberg. Richard is the Editor of the Money & Security and Work & Purpose channels for PBS’s, a site for people 50+…and he’s also this week’s BSR Broadcast guest. He’s been a Front Page Finance Editor for Yahoo!, Executive Editor for Money Magazine, Money Editor for Good Housekeeping, and a Personal Finance Reporter at USA Today (among other journalistic positions). He is also the author of How to Avoid a Midlife Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance.

All this is to say that he has made a serious and successful career out of talking to people about things that we take very, very seriously: our money, our financial practices, and our careers. Needless to say, he’s a true expert on the things that matter mostly deeply to all of us here at BSR.

It’s a true honor to have Richard on this week’s BSR Broadcast, and I can’t wait to quiz him about what Next Avenue thinks about encore careers and entrepreneurship. But I also want to talk to him about the surprises life holds, and how we can all practice taking ourselves a little less seriously—even while we hold tightly to our passions and our vision for a successful career. Don’t miss what is guaranteed to be a very special conversation!