BSR Broadcasts | Getting Laid Off: Disaster or Path to Nirvana? Joshua Waldman of Career Enlightenment

A lot of us solo and encore entrepreneurs have stories about the Great Recession. Countless new BSR clients have started their first session with the words “Well, everything was going just fine until 2008 hit…” And Joshua Waldman has a 2008 story too: “When I was laid off two times in six months back in 2008, Read More …

10 Ways to Profit Using LinkedIn and 5 Tips for Leveraging its Power to Market and Build Your Business ‘Free’
by guest blogger Jean L. Serio, LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn is a powerhouse. The top social site for businesses looking for clients, to get hired, and job seekers, it has over 200 million current members, and growing daily. From entrepreneurs, to corporations, there are thousands of potential clients and companies with jobs available, out there waiting to connect with you.