10 Ways to Profit Using LinkedIn and 5 Tips for Leveraging its Power to Market and Build Your Business ‘Free’
by guest blogger Jean L. Serio, LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn is a powerhouse. The top social site for businesses looking for clients, to get hired, and job seekers, it has over 200 million current members, and growing daily. From entrepreneurs, to corporations, there are thousands of potential clients and companies with jobs available, out there waiting to connect with you.

How can LinkedIn help you?

LinkedIn allows you to target and market to individuals interested in your business, your products, your services. It also allows you, very importantly, to get referrals, testimonials and endorsements of your work. To do it quickly and easily. And it’s free.

10 Ways To Profit From LinkedIn:

1. Get hired as a consultant – get clients

2. Sell your services and products

3. Market & get free PR for products and services

4. Get referrals from connections

5. Become a valued resource

6. Connect up, share, get help when you need it.

7. Get recommended and endorsed

8. Connect with high-level execs who do the hiring.

9. Present samples, videos, slideshows of your work

10. Get a job

5 Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn to Market Your Business:

* Create a detailed Profile Summary – The first impression potential clients receive, when visiting your LinkedIn page, is your Profile Summary. Since it represents who you are as a business person, it should be filled with highlights which best describe who you are, what you do. Fill it with essential facts a company needs to know when considering hiring you.

* Create good connections – Connections are valuable assets. Unlike collected business cards, those you connect with on LinkedIn are real people who want-need your products and services. For example, they can hire you; refer and endorse you; share biz and job info; provide help when you need it. Stay connected with them. Become a trusted resource and they’ll begin to know, like, trust and hire you.

* Attract clients – Provide potential clients a preview of your work and/or services. Upload audios, videos, SlideShare presentations, for example. Present current projects you’re working on.

* Increase your visibility joining by groups – One of the fastest ways to raise your visibility, and build your brand, is becoming a member of LinkedIn’s professional groups. There are hundreds of thousands of groups, in every possible niche. Choose several which allow you to comment and consistently show your expertise.

* Ask for testimonials and endorsements – One of best ways to get new clients is through referrals. LinkedIn’s testimonials and endorsements allow current and past clients to publicly refer you using this method. You can be endorsed for up to 50 skills which shows a wide range of your expertise.


Jean Serio

Jean L. Serio is a Social Media Marketing Growth Strategist & Top Ranked LinkedIn Expert, Coach, Consultant and Workshop Host. Helping entrepreneurs, professionals, job seekers and businesses enhance their online brand, persona and visibility to attract more business, interviews and clients – using social networking, social media and internet marketing solutions. For more LinkedIn info go to: www.getyourbuzzon.com