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Mirah Stuart

“It is a miracle, really, to help the animals, owners, and veterinarians see the deeper picture and discover the pain, so the animals can be healed.” -Miriah Stuart

Miriah Stuart is a pioneer in the field of thermography. Miriah has had a love of animals her entire life and has been studying anatomy, bodywork and exercise physiology for horses and dogs for over ten years.  Several years ago Miriah decided to go even deeper into her niche and get her certification to become a Veterinarian Thermal Technologist. She is one of only a few people in this country with this certification. Want to know more about thermography?  Click here.

Being a pioneer in a business is a tough job.  You must make people aware of who you are and what you do.  Miriah is an expert not only thermography but also in bringing awareness to her community about what she loves to do.  She was awarded “The Most Innovative Business of the Year in 2011” by the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce and is the 2013 Chair Person for Oregon Horse Country.  Miriah knows what deep and narrow niche means.  She is also an expert in getting involved in her community, knowing her target market and marketing every day.  You are going to love this conversation and learn a lot of what it takes to be a pioneer in your area of expertise and passion.  Listen in on our Solo Pro Radio Facebook this Wednesday, Jan. 9th at 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST.

To learn more about Miriah, visit her website at Equine Thermography Oregon.


Miriah is one of only a handful of Veteranarian Thermal Technicians in the world.


Miriah is one of only a handful of Veteranarian Thermal Technicians in the world.

Click here to see more of Miriah’s amazing thermal images.