A Tip from Jackie: Find Your Niche

So how do you choose a deep and narrow niche? Your deep and narrow niche should be one that is very interesting and intriguing to you. It should be in your “sweet spot” where the circles in the Venn diagram—passion, talent, and potential revenue—intersect. If you choose to build your niche where you have interest, passion, talent and potential revenue, then you choose something that can keep you not only physically engaged in the day to day work that you do, but also keeps you mentally engaged and stimulated so that you do not mind spending time on it: doing research, looking it up on the web, learning about the other players in the field, going to conferences, reading the latest articles, writing articles, and knowing who is doing what in your field so you are up to date and always informed. If your niche does not engage you in that way, you probably have not yet hit the mark and chosen the right receptacle for your time and talent.