A Tip from Jackie: Go Deeper, Not Sideways
A Successful Small Business Owner Regroups (Not Retreats) When Sales Are Slow

Successful Small BusinessSometimes I get this question: “What can I do if I need money now and I cannot sell my work/projects/service?” I say, it is possibly time to regroup. One of the best ways to regroup is to call upon the people who know you, love your work, and have been past clients. This group of raving fans probably includes a few who will be totally frank and honest with you, who will give you good feedback, and who really want to help you succeed. Find those two or three people and get their input and feedback about your work, your approach, your UVP, and your marketing, and learn how others see you. Often they see you in ways you do not see yourself, which means their input is invaluable. See if there is something you should adapt or shift. Is there another approach? Are you ahead of your market? Are you going after the right clients? Is your work of the best quality at a fair price? Are you able to talk about it well? Is it what potential customers want and need? Do they understand its value? Do you clearly articulate its value? I like to advise clients that if they have answered all of these questions and still are convinced they are on the right track, then renew your commitment to stay in your deep and narrow niche and dig even deeper. Make yourself known as even more of an expert. When you get scared, don’t go sideways. Go deeper.