Encore Entrepreneurs Are Filling Information Gaps…and Their Pockets
Better, Smarter, Richer Featured in Next Avenue and Forbes

The other day I learned that my piece Encore Entrepreneurs Fill Gaps and Their Pockets was published by Next Avenue. Needless to say, I was delighted; being in the company of the experts at Next Avenue is true honor.

Next Avenue is a PBS website designed to reach America’s booming 50+ population as they plan for and literally define a new life stage–and it is an absolutely vital resource. I encourage all of you to go out right now and “like” it, “follow” it, or just plain read it.

The important takeaway is this: you are not alone. We encore entrepreneurs are doing work that is sometimes terrifying–but we are on the cutting edge of a paradigm shift, and I want you all to know that we are in it together! Boomers have always been game-changers, and the encore entrepreneurship trend is no exception. So connect. Get to know other encores. Learn what resources you have available. And make your “next avenue” or “second act” your best one yet.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece–with some inspiration and thoughts about how YOU can join the encore entrepreneurs who are helping others and supporting themselves financially by “filling  gaps”:

Encore entrepreneurs, however, are bringing a valuable gift to this new world of information. Many of them have become consultants, taking on the former intermediary role and instead offering themselves out as guides. I like to call this “monetizing your expertise.”

Encores are using their wisdom and lifelong learning to transform a morass of data into viable choices for people. They’re dipping into their life experiences and helping their clients turn information into knowledge. And they are good at it — assisting others in navigating the world of data to find, compare, review and, finally, select…which is exactly what their clients need.

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