A Tip from Jackie: Just Say No to Mission Creep!

Welcome to our new “A Tip from Jackie” series! She’ll be sharing all of her favorite tips and tricks for solos, encores, and creatives over the next few months, so check back often.

One question I get from many of my clients is “So how do I know it’s Mission Creep?” Mission Creep happens when you move away from your focus for sure. For example, say you are a photographer and you begin working as a jewelry maker. BUT it also happens when you move way beyond your niche. Say you are a children’s photographer and you begin to photograph flowers. If, however, you are marketing your work through book publishing and you decide to market by teaching classes or putting on a webinar, that is most likely not mission creep. Be sure to use the questionnaire in the book called “Learn When to Say Yes and No” (page 41 in the 2nd edition.)