A Tip from Jackie: Let’s Talk About Focus

Focus is so critical to your financial success that I have made it #1 of my seven basic principles. I know that creatives are interested in so many things. They are attracted to all the new bright changes and advances. They are immediately thinking about how they can use, incorporate, and adapt the new ideas, new approaches, and new tools. But sometimes that fabulous curiosity leads you astray and away from your major focus. You have decided to be a ceramics artist and the next thing you know you are trying your hand at painting. You have decided to be a photographer and soon you have wandered into video and want to make a feature film about the life of an artist. So, here is the big message: if you want your creative work to support you financially, you must focus on it and that means on one thing. As a photographer you can have an interest in video but keep it a hobby; do not try to integrate it into your photography business unless you are changing your business. Video is not the same thing. Keep your money-making focus narrow and deep so that you can have your name attached to one main thing that you do and become known for. It is financially worthwhile to focus and become known for one thing; people will search you out to hire you, you can charge more money, and people will wait for you when you are booked and busy.