A Tip from Jackie: Make Your Value Crystal Clear

Make Your Value Clear

Make sure your clients know all the hard work you put in to your product or service!

In order to charge what you are really worth, make sure your clients value what you do. Sounds simple right? But actually it is more complex than that.  How do you make sure people value your product or service?

Well, first of all, be really good at it.  Do an outstanding job and tie up the loose ends.  Deliver a complete product and a complete job.  Then, speak about what you do and the value you provide. Your clients may not see the detail work that went into a wonderful product, or they may not be aware of materials that are included. Or maybe they don’t understand the process it took to achieve results. So, it’s up to you to point out these fine details. Talk about not only what you have done to create quality, but why it matters to the client. What do they get? Is the product longer-lasting or more durable? Do you do something special that keeps its color or its shape? Maybe you’ve sought out some extra cutting-edge knowledge and applied it to the client’s situation. Or perhaps what you do is one of a kind, or customized to meet specific needs. 

What happens in our society is that when we say “I cannot afford it,” what we really mean is that we do not see the value in the new thing that would encourage us to choose to pay for this item instead something else we have already committed to.  If we can see the value, we begin to mentally re-arrange our financial priorities to fit the new item into our budget and scheme of things.  So, your job to make the sale is to be sure to talk about the value of what you are offering.