A Tip from Jackie: Passion Matters

passion matters

Do what lights you up!

Here at Better, Smarter, Richer, we talk a lot about passion. Why does it matter that you’re passionate about your business? Because when we are working in our passion, our clients get our best. When we give our best we can charge a premium price. When we charge premium price we can do all the things that making good money allows us to do: hiring the help we need, taking time to rejuvenate and renew, and getting training to build skills.

Besides that, when we are working in our passion we have energy and enthusiasm for what we are doing. We go the extra step. We clean up the last detail. We dot the I’s and cross the t’s. We spend just a few more minutes, we dig a bit deeper, we practice one more time, we try a bit harder to get it better and exactly right. When we take those extra steps and put in that one more ounce or energy or attention or effort, we produce a better product or service. We are happier and feel better about what we are offering others and our clients are really excited and pleased. Everyone wins.

So don’t discount passion. Take the risk that really isn’t a risk. Jump in to what you really love and really care about.