A Tip from Jackie: Take the Next Step Towards Claiming Your Identity

Think about your visual identity. Time to update your logo?

Think about your visual identity. Time to update your logo?

I have recently updated my logo.  My logo, if you do not recall, is an origami crane made from actual currency. It was originally made from a $20 but my new logo is made from a $100 bill. I went to the bank, got a crisp bill, and had my nephew (who is really skilled at origami) make me a new crane.

The reason I chose this logo in the first place is that I love the juxtaposition of art and money: the origami made out of currency. You know, I see no reason why creatives of all kinds should not be paid well. I love the crane because they are a wonderful symbol of prosperity and in nature, they are beautiful, loving (they mate for life and watch over their young in a family group), and they dance to court their mate.  How perfect is that?

But why change to $100 instead of $20? Well I, like you am interested in growing my revenue, and I though that using $100 would send the message that I am serious about this. I have just successfully launched my 7-part webinar series Best Beginnings and I am fiercely marketing the book. Do you know there are now 30 million solos and the number is growing at the rate of 11% a year? And it is anticipated that by the year 2019 that nearly 50% of the work force will be contract, freelance or solo, whatever you want to call it. And Better Smarter Richer is the only one teaching solos how to be financially successful.

So, it was time for me to update the image.  Maybe it is time for you to do the same.  Take a look at YOUR visual identity. Does it still represent you? Does it tell your story now? Does it speak to the quality, focus, and expertise you are bringing to the world?  Maybe it is also time for you to take the next step towards claiming your identity.