A Tip from Jackie: Succeeding in the Brave New World of Work

new world of work

The future is now!

I’ve talked before about the growth of solopreneurship. But now I have more numbers than ever. I keep quoting these reports so let me share them with you.

MBO Partners has been following the phenomenal growth of solo businesses since 2011.  Their most recent report tells us that there are now 30 million solos, many of whom are there by choice, and not due to adverse circumstances such as a lay-off or failure to find work. They report that people love the independence and flexibility of working solo…and that they are beginning to see more and more solos who make $100K. I say yahoo!

The futurist report called The New World of Work tells us that 75% of all small businesses are non-employer businesses. They also anticipate that by 2020, 50% of the work force will be freelance or solos. The reasons for this shift include technological advances and a rapidly changing marketplace that cause employers to think again about hiring for long term commitments. Without a doubt, The New World of Work concludes, the students of today will be the solopreneurs of tomorrow. 

But let’s remember that solo businesses are not just small traditional business. They are a unique type of entity with unique needs. That is where the Better Smarter Richer method comes in. It helps solos understand the new solo business climate and teaches them how to succeed in this new world. How about you, are you ready to be successful in this fast changing future?