“Embrace Your Power and Be Seen” by guest blogger Shelby Rice

Shelby Rice

Have you ever had the experience of feeling invisible? Perhaps standing in line at Starbucks and the barista looks right past you to ask the person behind you what she would like to order? I’ve had this happen and it’s irritating! At that point you have two options: remain silent or stand up for yourself.

I have heard from some of my clients and women how they have felt ‘invisible’. In a culture where youth and beauty are often revered above grace and wisdom, feeling invisible or insecure is a more common experience than one would like to admit. Sometimes it is not just age related but due to one’s perceived image and how they project themselves.

Yet, a power shift happens when we decide consciously to embrace becoming visible, to being seen. It comes from the choice we make about how we will react to what we have experienced, whether recently or far in the past. Choosing to become visible indicates you are committed to yourself and your success.

Many Encore professionals or solo-preneurs have everything lined up and ready to go but forget an important element in their business: feeling comfortable with being visible in their new role. Imagine the above scenario when a potential client can choose between you or another business owner. Do you want to stand out? Of course you do, but standing out isn’t about looking like the model in the magazine, it is about having your personality, skill set and confidence shine.

Did you know when you walk into a room full of people you have just twenty seconds to make an impression, positive or negative?

Wherever we are seen, on the internet or in person, we have to capture our audience authentically and confidently so they find us credible and want to work with us or buy our product.

We may understand why it is important to be visible, but for some, the why isn’t enough to overcome the hurdle of facing the fear of what others might think of us, or the value our own self-worth. Many of us are stepping into new roles we haven’t fully identified with yet, so becoming visible can be easy in theory when we know we should be, but actually doing it is another matter for most women. (You can read about my own evolution)

Consider these three important reasons why you should become visible in your business:

  • You will appear credible and trustworthy.
  • You will be taken seriously and respected.
  • Your confidence will make others want what you have to offer which makes you more successful.

When you experience these things not only does your self-esteem blossom, your level of happiness and overall sense satisfaction with your life increases too. When you feel better about yourself and you are comfortable being seen, people will respond to you in a positive way.

It’s kind of like being in love and you can’t help smiling all the time; but this time instead of being in love with another person, you are in love with your life.

Becoming visible forces us to look at how we want to be seen and perceived. How do you want to be seen? Here are some suggestions:

  • Start a journal or vision board of how you want to see yourself and have others see you. For inspiration put it in a prominent place you will see every day.
  • Purge any item no longer serving you, from clothing to trinkets that have no meaning to you. Clear your clutter and keep only what you love. What surrounds you is a reflection of who you are. Make it beautiful.
  • Tell your friends, co-workers and loved ones you want to feel more comfortable being visible and ask them what they admire most about you. Have them write it out and read it often.

By sharing what we are doing and asking for help, not only does it make others feel more connected to us, thereby deepening our relationships, we also learn a lot about ourselves and how we are already seen. These are gifts for you to accept with pleasure. Then it is up to you to share them with the world by becoming visible and embracing your own power. What are you waiting for?

Shelby Rice, affectionately known to her clients as The Intuitive Stylist, is a style consultant, teacher, speaker and the creator of the Style From Within program. She is passionate about inspiring women to realize their greatest style fully in alignment with who they are, their values and the life they lead or want to create. Her signature system, The Four Easy Steps to Style shows women how to confidently express their own unique style in all areas of life so they attract the right business clients, prospects and opportunities. Each woman has her own style story and Shelby loves to help her tell it.

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