Encore Entrepreneurs: What is Mary Gallinger’s new healing approach? It’s a gentle technique. Jackie B. provides support

Mary Gallinger is an Otho-Bionomy practitioner, a gentle technique that releases tension and naturally realigns the body. Jackie B provides business support.  Mary Gallinger’s new healing approach is launching.  She’s excited to start!

Name of Business: Mary Gallinger Licensed Practitioner LLC

Mary has many years in business: she has worked in the medical field for 25 + years in rehabilitation, with a focus on occupational therapy.  Mary’s new healing approach is a softer technique.  A friend was studying Otho-Bionomy and  Mary starting taking classes. She is using it successfully with her patients.

Photo of Mary Gallinger

Mary Gallinger’s new healing approach is Otho-Bionomy.


How did you get interested in Otho-Bionomy?

Originally I held the ‘no pain no gain’ approach to rehabilitation.  Then a friend introduced me to Otho-Bionomy.  She demonstrated the technique on me using this very gentle approach, and I got some relief from back pain. I couldn’t believe that such soft touch could provide such dramatic relief.  I took a class my self and realized that I could use this with my patients.  They were amazed that they felt less pain and better balance.”

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?   “As a result of that class in Ortho-Bionomy I decided to go into business for myself because now I want to only do Ortho-Bionomy. This technique has a lot to offer to senior populations with whom I would like to continue working .”

What was it like working with Jackie?  “I found her classes invaluable. It helped me to decide and focus on the type of business I wanted.”

Mary took the Encore Entrepreneur Class.

Want to learn more about Mary Gallinger’s new healing approach? Give her a call and set up an appointment!  Contact info:  503-901-7986 or maryg49@comcast.net

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