Solo Business Stories: How do you make a positive impact on the community? Kim Flick does this with business coaching

Kim Flick says entrepreneurs need support and symbiotic relationships.   So she coaches businesses to help them grow.
Kim Flick of Mighty Epiphyte

Kim Flick of Mighty Epiphyte

Name of Business:  Mighty Epiphyte Consulting.

How did you come up with the name?  “Epiphytes are like orchids, bromeliads, primarily with air roots.  Some ferns are also epiphytes.  It’s a metaphor.  Entrepreneurs are like epiphytes, they need support and symbiotic relationships while making something strong and beautiful seemingly out of thing air!”

Years in Business: 4

What your business does: Business fundamentals coaching, social enterprise and impact improvement, measurement, team and stakeholder engagement.  Nurturing the entire company through B Corp and Benefit Company certification.  Efficiency, templates, streamlining and leadership growth.
What led you to do this business?  What were you doing prior to what you are doing now? My life values have always led me to care for  the environment, people, biodiversity.  Finding a way to do this through business is fantastic!
What is working now?  Consumers are paying attention and increasingly want to support and choose businesses that have a motive to be profitable and support the greater good in their business, environment, community, economy and more.
What is in the future of your business? to grow advocacy, increase clients beyond the Portland area, increase awareness.

Lessons learned/Take away/Advice:  Market yourself and your company well, get objective feedback, don’t be shy, be humble and motivated.

Mighty Epiphyte Logo

Mighty Epiphyte Logo

Kim took Jackie’s courses at Encorepreneur Cafe and the SBDC on Solopreneurship