Paragon Restaurant Hi Jackie, is this a good UVP?

Does this restaurant match it's advertising UVP?


Many people ask me for help with their ‘Elevator Speech.’ I prefer to call this your Unique Value Proposition or a UVP. These are not easy to create! You basically have to know your work so well that you can tell someone what you do in just a few minutes and you then have to give the listener a reason to want to know more! It’s challenging, but possible. (And 100% essential.) The most important thing is that it’s very well structured and yet very, very natural.  The second principle in Better, Smarter, Richer teaches you how to create a truly interesting UVP that makes people WANT to work with you!  Here is an email I just received from a reader about a great advertisement she found for a restaurant here in Portland, Oregon.

Hi Jackie,

I just saw this advertisement for a place called Paragon Restaurant and it really made me want to eat there. I started to dissect it to see if I could use it as a template for my UVP. I realize it’s defintely describing a place as compared to a person’s work- but I wonder what you think of why it works so well???  


Here it is:

Paragon Restaurant in Portland, OR is a lively yet sophisticated neighborhood restaurant and bar featuring American brasserie-style cuisine, tempting house made desserts and signature house cocktails. Located in the heart of the historic Pearl District, this Portland restaurant echoes the airy, spacious style of the surrounding art galleries.

Thanks Jackie. I love the book! It makes me walk around looking for good UVPs!



Hi Louzanne,

It sure has the attributes of a UVP.  It is quick, ear catching and brings up rich visual images.  It tells the reader or listener why they should go to Paragon and lets them know what they can expect.  This is perfect for the written statement – it should naturally be a bit shorter for a spoken UVP.  Always practicing your UVP out loud and having it so “down” in your mind that your can say the exact same thing in many ways appropriate to the conversation, and without sounding like you are reading it or sounding pompous- is very important for your work. 

This particular phrase makes me want to try Paragon Restaurant and see what it is like because it sounds attractive. I looked up the restaurant website to see if the site gave me the same feeling as their description. What do you think?


PS: Feel free to write me with your UVP and I will give you tips from the book!