Solo Business Stories: Software engineer Ben Munat says finding niche important

Faced with a layoff, Ben Munat develops soft wear
Name of Business: Bravauto LLC and Ben Munat LLC

What the Business does: Bravauto is an idea for a software-as-a-service mobile app that my car-dealer frie

Photot of Ben Munat

Ben Munat, owner, Bravauto LLC and Ben Munat LLC

nd had. It would help him track his costs when buying cars at auction to help him not overbid. I started working on it when I was laid off last fall. I took the class to learn some small business concepts, but also because I was interested in trying to get into software consulting, hence forming Ben Munat LLC.

Years in Business:  Neither are starters really. I’m actively seeking a full-time job again. However, I will keep working on the app and hope to get it to a point where we can try to get some beta users into it and see how it goes. Also, I will be keeping an eye towards getting into consulting as I go forward in a new full-time job.

What led you to do this business?  What were you doing before?  I’ve been a software engineer for 15 years. I still want to do that, but would also like to try my own software startup and doing consulting.

What class did you take from Jackie?  Encore/Solo Business Builders

What did you learn from Jackie?  I learned a great deal:

  • Finding a narrow niche is very important as is the waterbug model.
  • Great information about legal issues, accounting, financing, and marketing as well.

I think the thing holding me back from getting the consulting going is not yet finding my true narrow niche, but I will be keeping an eye out for that in the coming years.

Take Away/Lessons Learned/Advice:  Focus on figuring out that niche and how to find people who need it from day one.

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