Encore Success: Heidi Krause’s Truth and Trust Consulting get better with Jackie’s input

Photo of Heidi Krause, owner Truth and Trust

Heidi Krause, owner Truth and Trust

Name of Business: Truth and Trust, by Heidi Krause

Years in business: 20 + years in Leadership and Consulting roles

How did the business come about? Working in various leadership roles for the past 20 years, I have observed the power of truth and trust when building strong congruent organizations.  I assist organizations in building a culture of transparency based on TRUTH and TRUST.

My passion is to educate leaders at all levels of an organization about the power of leading with integrity. Doing so creates positive results in employee and stakeholder morale as well as an increase in profits.

When one works for a business that values high-trust their business results will exponentially increase, while in a low trust organization, they will do just the opposite.  Organizations lacking in trust and transparency face more lawsuits, safety incidents, damage to the company brand, bankruptcy and in some cases, will end up testifying in front of Congress (think Enron!).

What were you doing before? I worked for 20+ years in multi-conglomerate industries; American Express, Enron and Berkshire Hathaway.

What led you to starting your business? My passion for speaking the truth and encouraging people to do the right thing – even when it is uncomfortable.

What’s working now? I am working on rebuilding my brand. My initial focus was on training, and that vision has developed over the last 6-months. Now, I will be focusing on consulting, and I will offer specialized training that gets to the heart of developing integrity within organizations.  I want to partner with those who are interested in taking the big step towards being a HIGH-TRUST organization; now that is something to brag about!

What are your successes?  I spent the last year working with some of the greatest leaders and powerful influencers of our time. These leaders believe in integrity and doing the right thing, and both are NY Times best-selling authors: Robin Sharma (Personal Mastery Academy) and Janine Driver (You Can’t Lie to Me). I spent over 100 hours with Janine learning first hand about deception and how to replace it with TRUTH and TRUST. I have fresh and creative ideas that encourage people at all levels of an organization to walk the talk and hold one another accountable.  There are lots of ways to do this, sometimes it is as simple as a micro-expression! If you are lucky enough to know how to spot one, this can open up a whole new dialogue of conversation!

What are you still working on? My biggest goal right now is to get my revised Website up and running.  I am excited to see the changes!

What class did you take from Jackie?  I took the Encore/Solo Business Builders class. It is an amazing class. Some days I wonder what I am doing and can I do this all by myself.  Attending this program has made me stronger. It truly has kept me balanced as I progress in building my business.

Take away/Lessons Learned/Advice: If you have the opportunity to sit down with Jackie, do it right away.  Don’t procrastinate. Even if you have everything wrapped up in a perfect package with a bow, I think Jackie’s experience and admiration for her clients will add value to your vision.   I wish I would have met with her on day one of my journey!

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