Solo Business Builders: Alyssa Elting-McGuire helps Adult Foster Home Care providers

Alyssa Elting McGuire, Oregon Care Home Consultants owner photo

Alyssa Elting McGuire, Oregon Care Home Consultants owner

After working for the state for 12 years and a brief stint with Alzheimer’s Association, Alyssa Elting McGuire started her own consulting business.

Name of Business: Oregon Care Home Consulting

What the business does: Adult care home coaching, consulting, training, and support.

Why she went into business: Alyssa worked for the State of Oregon for 12 years.  She did foster home licensing and inspections. “I spent almost eight years working in adult foster homes in protective services and regulatory capacity.

Alyssa was offered a position at the Alzheimer’s Association.  She was there for about a year before starting her own business.

She noticed a need for more support for potential and established licensees as lead licensor. “The licensing process is very involved and complex.  I noticed a need for support and guidance.  I help them navigate the system.”

Working with Jackie: She met Jackie when they both had tables at an event in 2018.  She learned about Jackie’s class Solo Business Builders.  Alyssa says the class has been invaluable.

“It has been a pleasure learning from Jackie B. Peterson.  She provides new business owners with a solid foundation including business planning, legal and financial considerations, avoiding mission creep. Developing my Unique Value Proposition has been immensely useful. I can now quickly and confidently tell people, “I help current and future adult foster home providers successfully navigate the licensing process.”

Learn more about Alyssa’s consulting business here.

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