Sylvie Menegon credits Jackie for business tips

Menegon Company was up and running before owner Sylvie Menegon started working with Jackie.  Now she has more knowledge to boost her French Caramel Sauce business.

Sylvie Menegon credits Jackie for business improvement tips and ideas.

Name of Business: MENEGON Company.

How many years in business: 2 years and 3 months.

What the business does: It makes and sells French Caramel Sauces : caramel (original), chocamel (chocolate caramel) and caramoka (coffee caramel), the only ones so far on the market.

What were you doing before starting this business? Before I moved from France I worked several years as an accountant for the French Government then I worked in the financial department of a National Pilot School for 5 years. 

When I turned 50, I was baking crêpes, galettes and caramel sauces as a part-time solo entrepreneur business.

I decided to start this business in France after doing a crêpier school in Brittany close to the area where my grandmother was born. She gave me the knowledge of cooking with Brittany’s recipes during my childhood.

Photo of smiling woman wearing glasses holding jar of caramel

Sylvie Menegon owner of Menegon Company

When my husband and I moved to Oregon from France, in November 2016, I decided to start this business full time.

What’s working now? Now my French Caramel Sauces begin to be known; they are sold in all the New Seasons Markets, all the Market of Choice in Oregon, Elephant’s Deli in NW Portland, Sheridan Fruit Company, Bennett Urban Farm Store in Hillsboro, Marion Acres Farm Hillsboro, Red Hills Market Dundee and La Bottega Vancouver.

I am still working on how to make them more known, and developing my marketing to sell directly to the customers. I am also learning how to make good financial choices, for example, whether to participate in big events as they are really expensive, and, do I have to expand my product range?

Sylvie Menegon credits Jackie for business tips:
  • She helped me to present my business better with my UVP (unique value proposition).
  • Focusing on the products I have now.
  • Giving me words to gain people’s interest in my business story (and tips on how and why to collect their email address).
  • She has encouraged me to organize myself to be consistent on social media, with a blog and newsletter.  Jackie suggests writing a schedule with a theme, and using a template for the holiday schedule to plan promotions.

You too can get these marketing tips. Consult with Jackie or buy Jackie’s Better, Smarter, Richer book.